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Office Order for CAPIO 15thSeptember,2014.

Office Order for CPIO 15thSeptember,2014.

Constitution of Complaints Committee.

Office Order 10thJanuary, 2013

Office Order 19thSeptember, 2014

Operation Guidelines for the 12th Five Year Plan(2012-17) Central Sector Schemes of Integrated Scheme of Agriculture Census, Economics and Statistics

Price Policy for Copra .  

      Season - 2014 (English / Hindi)

Price Policy for Raw Jute

      Season - 2014-15 (English / Hindi)

1st Advance Estimates of Food Grains, Oilseeds & Other Commercial Crops(HIndi).

1st Advance Estimates of Food Grains, Oilseeds & Other Commercial Crops(English).

Indices of area, production and yield with revised base TE (2007-08)- As per 2nd Advance Estimates for 2012-13.  


Price Policy for Copra for 2010 season.  


Public Grievance Officer for Directorate Of Economics and Statistics.  


Web Guide lines issued by NIC/DIT.

Request for putting the Gazette Notification of Terms of Reference of Commision for Agricultural Cost & Prices(CACP) on the Ministry of Agriculture(English / Hindi Version)  

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