Agricultural Wages in India


" Seniority List "

1 - Economic Officer
2 - Economic Officer (Market Intelligence)
3 - Technical Assistant
4 - Market Intelligence Inspector
5 - Technical Clerk
6 - DEO 'A', 'B', 'C'
7 - Final seniority list of DEO A as on 01.01.2019
8 - Final seniority list of Market Intelligence Inspector as on 01.01.2019
9 - Final seniority list of Technical Assistant as on 01.01.2019


"Administration (Notices / Circulars / Orders)"

  Ms. Shivani Tyagi, Steno Grade 'D'
  Smt. Manju Singh, Assistant (Graph)
  Waiting list of candidates for compassionate appointment.
  Committee of Sexual Harassment.
  F.No. 32014/1/2015-E.I-ES.
  F.No. 12012/5/2007-E.I-ES.
  Request for putting the Gazette Notification of Terms of Reference of Commision for Agricultural Cost & Prices(CACP) on the Ministry of Agriculture(English / Hindi) Version
  Constitution of Complaints Committee.
  Office order No.30/2017 regarding Voluntary retirement of Sh. Sharda Devi
  Web Guide lines issued by NIC/DIT.
  Conservation of electricity in Krishi Bhawan.
  Temporary allotment of earmarked Bungalow for social/marriage purposes in the Automated system of Allotment.
  Shri Harish Pandey, Steno Grade 'D'
  Shri sanjeev Kumar (PA) Officer Order No.12.2019-E.I
  Smt. Harjeet Kaur, PPS
  Cancellation of Voluntary Retirement, Smt. Manju Singh, Assistant (Graph)
  Appointment of Adviser
  Appointment of Vigilance Officer
  Dr. R. Sathish, Adviser - Appellate Officer-RTI
  O.M. No. 7(1)/E/Coord./2014 - 29th October, 2014
  Online Public Grievance petition bearing Reg.No DOAAC/E/2017/00651 dated 23.05.2017 of Ms. Meenakshi
  Shri Deepak Kumar Sharma, Junior Statistical Officer
  Dr. Ved Prakesh Sharma, MII
  F.No. A-22012/01/2015-E.I-ES
  F.No. A-19016/06/2016-E.I-ES
  F.No. A-19016/5/2016-E.I-ES
  Office Order No. 37/2016-E.I-ES
  F.No. A-22012/01/2015-E.I-ES
  F.No. A-22013/01/2012-E.I-ES
  Office order No.32/2016-E.I.ES
  office order No.01/2016-E.I.ES
  office order No.95/2015-E.I.ES
  office order No.A-22013/01/2012-E.I-ES.
  Office Order No. 78/2015-E.I-ES.
  Office Order No. 75/2015-E.I-ES.
  Office Order No. 71/5/2015-E.I-ES.
  Office Order No. 70/2015-E.I-ES
  Dr. P. Anuradha Balaram, Adviser
  Ms. Meena Nagpal, PPS
  Order No. 66/2015-E.I.ES
  Shri S. Chandra Sekar, Adviser (CPIO)
  Shri Shiva Shankar, Assistant Director (CAPIO)
  Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 and The Lockpal and Lokayukats Act, 2013 Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year - regarding