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"Data on Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops for 2012-13"
Fibers Crop


Oilseeds Others
 Cotton Bajra Total Coarse Cereals Castorseed     Sugarcane  
 Jute Barley  Total Cereals Groundnut  


sanhemp Gram Total Foodgrains Kharif Oilseeds  


Mesta Jowar Tur Linseed  


Jute & Mesta Maize Wheat Sesamum       
  Kharif Coarse Cereals                Sunflower      
  Kharif Cereals  Nigerseed      
Other Pulses   Rabi Oilseeds
  Rabi Coarse Cereals    Rapeseed & Mustard      
  Rabi Cereals    Safflower      
  Ragi     Summary      
  Rice     Total Oilseeds      
  Small Millets