All India Summary

1. Year-wise Land Use Classification (1)
2. Year-wise Land Use Classification (2)
3. Year-wise  Percentage Decline in Net Area Sown and Deficiency in Rainfall
4. Year-wise Net Area Irrigated from different Sources and Gross Irrigated Area
5. Year-wise Irrigated Area Under Crops ( Cereal and Pulses)
6. Year-wise Irrigated Area Under Crops (Sugarcane, Fruits, Vegetables and Oilseeds )

Year-wise Irrigated Area Under Crops( Cotton. Fodder Crops and Other Non-food Crops)

8. Year-wise Area Under Crops (Food grains)
9. Year-wise Area Under Crops (Sugarcane, Fruits & Vegetables and Oilseeds)
10. Year-wise Area Under Crops (Fibres, Plantation & Other Crops)


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